Not just a Love Story

It has been 5 years since i joined army and all i have to do is to wait for two more days. Yes, I am going back to my place. I am going to see her. I want to see her to show how much i love her, to say how much i had missed her badly all these days. She will be desperately waiting for my arrival. I know she loves me more than i do.
I can feel her sleepless nights in those letters she sent. I have never succeeded in making a call to her from borders. And letters are always reliable. Whenever i feel missing her, i will take those bunches of letters she sent and start reading those. Those words will always look new and fresh to me even if i read that for umpteenth time. I never know she is such a good writer. Each and every word is written with loads of love. I must be the luckiest person to have her. I still have no idea how i passed these days without her and my counting process is going to end in two more days.

It is 3 am and i didn’t feel sleepy. How can i ..? I looked around, everything was packed and i am ready to leave.
I took my jerkin and came out of the camp. It was very difficult to survive in the freezing cold all these days. But it looked different now. I am enjoying the -12'C. Love can do magic. Yes.. It is doing. I am excited. I started to walk and the road was completely iced. I walked with those days we cherished together. Those happy moments wetted my eyes.
I Cried..I Cried….
I don’t know how long. But i decided. I will never let her go away from my life. I started back to camp and this night will be remembered for the rest of my life.

"Areey.. bhai.. Wake Up.. It is already 5".
My friend waked me up. I still found those letters in my hand. I kept it back in my bag. I somehow managed to get ready by 5:30 and i have to be at Parade walk by 6. I took my name badge which reads
"Captain .Arjun Dharma"
I always feel something adds to my pride when i wear my badge. This is what i wanted to be.

Foot Sounds echoed in the sky. The blood freezing air seems to have no effect on us. May be it is because of our suit with the national emblem. No one forced us to suffer this pain but our passion let us here. Parade is over and memories encircled me. I can’t resist thinking about those moments when i will meet her. A sudden disturbance.
Walkie - Talkie alarmed...
"Captain Arjun Dharma"
"Viswanath from Head Quarters. There was a severe snow slide in Rudra. Be there with your team for the rescue operation"

Call ended. I don’t have any time to react. I called my team and we flew to Rudra, a remote village from our camp. I have no option other than this. I didn’t even inform my love that i won’t be able to meet her. I know she could not be able to accept this. She has been waiting all these years. How can i be a violent murderer of all her dreams? I don’t have any answers with me.

It looked like the snow peaked mountains were crying for her.
It is 8 am now and we are still on the way to the village. Sun started to show its presence. My dreams were vanished and i am blank now. I am able to pass all these long years but these moments are very painful. Finally we reached Rudra by 8:30. The situation looked worse and my chances are very thin. It will take 10 more days to retain normal life here. We camped in Rudra.
Next day - 7 am.
She will be waiting at the door steps for my arrival. She would not have slept last night and dreamt of the next day. She will be wearing the green saree i had presented for her last birthday. Everything is going to be in vain. I pitied myself. Days and nights passed. Finally we returned back to the camp.
I am welcomed with a surprise. Yes. I am leaving to my home town. I didn’t even waste a single moment. I ran and i took all my things which were already packed.
Trucks .. Busses .. Trains.. Cabs.. I have been travelling through all these. I am so excited that my dream comes real. Weather.. Hunger.. Crowd... Nothing bothered me. I moved and finally i am standing just before my home.
I Called..
She came. Yes My Love. My Mom.
The moment her eyes met me, it was flooded. She didn’t utter a word. We looked at each other. I am no exception ... I cried. She hugged me and wiped my tears.
How are you my son..?

Sorry Ma...
I replied.
I don’t have words to speak.
Nothing in the world is worse than missing your dearests.

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